Jan 25, 2021

2021 week 4 plan

My plans for String Theory have changed. My expectations before were impossible. I am no longer getting customer accounts implemented this quarter. Now, I have a bit more time to focus on the theorist profiles and getting that right. 

This week, I will be adding a “shop” page which is the next screen after our landing. It will be a hub where our customers can dive into an individual theorist’s profile, buy a prestrung head, or start customizing their order immediately. This page will be dynamically constructed by a backend feed so it’s easy to rearrange or adjust as needed. I will be using Contentful to store the content for that.

My birthday is this week so I have a couple of fun things planned to look forward to. I’m trying Crown Shy in the Financial District with Em on Monday night. Tuesday night, my friends have a surprise planned for me.

I am finishing up This Is Marketing by Seth Godin this week. This is another book from Seth that I love. I will probably end up having a few posts to write in retrospect from the ideas presented in the book.

Last but certainly not least, I am getting my sleep right! No work after 8PM; I need to get my ass ready for bed. I also need some sort of nighttime tea, melatonin, quaalude or whatever it takes to knock me out before midnight.