Feb 06, 2021

2021 week 5 update

This week, I made myself a daily schedule in my planner for tackling my to-do list and that really helped me stay on track to get things done before 7 or 8 each night. I will continue to do this moving forward.

I worked on the new main shopping page for String Theory and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m developing the page so that it is dynamically built by content models defined in Contentful. It’s a bit more complicated up front but it will add flexibility for changing the layout of the page or adding new pages in the future without having to update the code.

My sleep was better this week in the beginning but got crappy towards the end. I’m starting to think I’m destined for poor sleep and should stop stressing about it. For now, I will stick to the plan and try to improve next week.

I made my doctor’s appointment for my annual check-up next Monday. I always dread doing these sorts of things but I will feel much less anxious after I get it over with.

I also finished listening to Jeff Bezos’ annual shareholder letters. I never knew much about him but it’s amazing how much foresight he had and how clear his vision was for the company. From the beginning, Amazon has been relentlessly focused on the customer and prioritizing their long-term reputation over short-term profits. They made many decisions that were counterintuitive to the way many thought a business should be run but those principles paid off. I would like to apply similar principles to building String Theory.

Today, I’m moving into my new place in Seaford, hence why I’m writing this last minute. There’s supposed to be a big winter storm tomorrow so Em and I are going to do some grocery shopping before calling it a night.