May 12, 2021

Accommodator style of negotiation

The accommodator style negotiator is sociable and friendly. The most important thing to them is spending time building the relationship with their counterpart. Out of the three styles, they are most likely to build great rapport without actually accomplishing much.

Accommodators will want to remain friends even if they can’t reach an agreement. They are easy to talk to and have pleasant voices. They will often yield concessions hoping the other person will reciprocate.

If you are negotiating with someone like this, be sociable and friendly with them. Listen to them talk about their ideas and use calibrated questions focused specifically on implementation to nudge them along and find ways to translate their talk into action. Due to their tendency to be the first to start the reciprocity cycle, they may have agreed to give you something they can’t actually deliver.

While it is very easy to disagree with them, because they want nothing more than to hear what you have to say, uncovering their objections can be difficult. They will have identified problem areas beforehand and leave them unaddressed out of fear of conflict.

If this style sounds like you, stick to your ability to be very likable, but do not sacrifice your objections. Also be conscious of excess chitchat: the other two types of negotiators have no use for it, and if you’re sitting across the table from another accommodator like yourself, you will be prone to interactions that don’t get anything done.