May 03, 2021

April 2021 retro

The good

I’ve added the necessary functionality for String Theory to support more products. We have committed to marketing and have been very active on Instagram. We also set up Google search ads to get seen by more people.

The bad

String Theory’s marketing efforts are not working. We’re not investing money in the right places or doing a good job of communicating our value proposition. We expected this to be a big month and we only did a couple hundred dollars in sales. We are still dead in the water.

Looking ahead

We are making a few changes to our marketing approach. First, we are going to offer a significant discount (50% off) for first-time users of our service to incentivize people to try it. This promotion will be advertised on Google. Second, we are going to be reaching out to some people to test our service for free in exchange for honest, public feedback (a review on Google). Third, we are going to focus our efforts on our hometown Northport. We will work with the booster clubs to create merchandise that the teams would be interested in and donate portions of the sales back to the community.