Nov 30, 2020


There are critical moments in your life when you are staring into a bonfire. And you’re conflicted about the decision to watch it burn or leap into it.

If you muster up the courage to leap, there are two things that can happen.

The first is that you jump into it and realize that it’s not actually a bonfire. It actually feels quite good and you are happy that you took the leap.

The second is that you jump in and get absolutely scorched. But this is even more awesome than the first outcome. Because in the ashes, you will be reborn like a phoenix. You will be a totally changed person on the other side.

It is intimidating to take the leap but you won’t regret it regardless of the outcome.


The idea for this post is not mine. I heard it in Tim Ferriss’s podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert where she is discussing what she learned from Oprah’s life coach Martha Beck. I just loved the analogy and wanted to share it.

- Baltimore, MD