Dec 12, 2020

Carve your own path

Do you want to be unreasonably successful? That’s what my goal is. I think it’s important to remember that nobody can teach you how. If somebody could, then anybody could do it, which would break the condition of unreasonable success.

Many people think the path to unreasonable success requires a mentor and I agree to some extent. But the magic of the time we’re living in is that mentors are on-demand and don’t require a relationship. The video and audio of successful people being transmitted over the internet is sufficient. You don’t need to get coffee with them. Real-life mentors might happen organically. But don’t waste your time and others’ reaching out to people for meetings, especially if you’re not offering anything of value in return.

Mentors can offer guidance but ultimately, we all have to carve our own path to the kind of success we are looking for. There are many paths to take, so it will require you to develop your own principles along the way. Be willing to have principles that others don’t agree with. Ignoring popular opinions could cause you to fail but I would rather fail at being myself than succeed trying to do what the crowd is doing.