Mar 11, 2022

Certainty is a trap

Many people choose to keep their wealth in a depreciating asset like cash instead of investing it because of certainty. Even if the outcome is bad, people cling to a situation that seems certain and familiar instead of one that has more variance and upside.

People don’t just make this decision with money. They base their entire lives around this principle. It’s preferable to stay in a relationship or career they’re not happy with because at least they know what to expect.

I know all of this because I’m one of those people. But it’s time for change. Things might not get worse without change but they also certainly won’t get better.

Don’t be afraid to leap into or out of a relationship or career. Any decisive action—even if it’s the wrong one—is better than no action at all. Keep shuffling the deck until you’re happy with where you end up.