Apr 20, 2021

Establish a range

While going first rarely helps, there is one way to seem to make an offer and bend their reality in the process by alluding to a range.

When confronted with naming your terms or price, counter by recalling a similar deal which establishes the ideal “ballpark” you would like to be in. Instead of saying, “I’m worth $100,000,” it is better to say, “At top places like your company, people in this job get between $130,000 and $170,000.” 

What’s great about this response is that you start off by complimenting the company and saying it’s a “top place” to set the standards high. Then you state a range that “people in this job” get instead of saying you’re worth something in that range. By deflecting the focus from yourself, it gets your point across without making the other person defensive.

When stating a range, expect your counterpart to lean towards the lower end so the lower end of your range should be what you really want.