Sep 27, 2021

Fall quarterly planning 2021

Summer 2021 Retro

This quarter was pretty lackluster overall. I should be more on top of my game and I need to reduce the distractions I am allowing into my life.

My health goals were somewhat satisfied. I wanted to drop weight to 165 lbs, box weekly, and eat dinner at home at least 3 times per week. The last two goals were met but my first one to drop weight was not. I am 169 lbs at the moment.

My wealth goals were very poorly met this quarter. I wanted to finish building the String Theory dashboard for theorists, build a review system into String Theory, onboard 5 more theorists to the site, get 10 new customers to try String Theory, and string 1 head for sale per week. 

Of the site development goals I had, I only got authentication working for the dashboard and didn’t even come close to starting work on reviews. We onboarded 6 new theorists this quarter and I stuck to the weekly head commitment but missed on the number of new customers I wanted to work with.

The thing that slowed me down a lot was onboarding theorists and responding to a lot of messages from them. I need to have notifications turned off and check them in batches. I also shouldn’t be offering to do so many different things for them right now when the site needs a lot of work.

My wisdom goals for this quarter were to write only once per week instead of the daily commitment I had before so I could focus better (ironically, I didn’t focus better), do a daily meditative walk, and read The Ultimate Sales Machine, Influence, and Man’s Search For Meaning. I stuck to the weekly writing schedule but was not consistent about doing the meditative walk. I also fell behind on the reading, read Animal Farm instead of finishing Influence, and still have to finish Man’s Search For Meaning.

Fall 2021 Plan

For my health goals this quarter, I am rolling over my goal to lose a few pounds from last quarter. I’m increasing the target to 167 lbs so it’s only 2 lbs that I need to lose—no excuses! I am also committing to taking a daily greens and fish oil supplement. That’s it for health this quarter. There’s not much here but I think I’ve gotten myself into a pretty good place with my overall health.

For wealth, the first goal I have here is to reduce spending in preparation for leaving my day job next year. I’m planning to commit to String Theory full-time before next lacrosse season and without the income from my day job, it is going to be a big adjustment. I need to analyze how much I’m currently spending, then implement a plan to reduce spending now before I no longer have a day job. 

In terms of String Theory development, I committed to too many features last quarter and I don’t think I need to be focusing on new features right now. Instead, I should be focusing on tools for theorists to do more things for themselves and cleaning up the site to support scaling to many more theorists.

For the String Theory business, I want to offer weekly free stringing to plant seeds for my personal stringing business here on Long Island. I also have a large batch of brand new heads that need to be strung and listed on the site. Finally, I’d like to onboard at least another 10 theorists to the site.

My wisdom goals are similar to last quarter: I’m going to continue a weekly writing cadence and commit to doing a meditative walk at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Here’s my reading list: Influence, The Beginning of Infinity, and The 48 Laws of Power.