Mar 01, 2021

February 2021 retro

The good

The MVP for our String Theory platform is so close to being ready for launch. Last month, I was a bit disappointed with my original designs but as it is coming together, I am starting to love it. I hope our audience agrees.

I moved into Seaford and have setup my room to be well-suited for productivity. I lost a bit of time that could have been spent elsewhere for String Theory but it is the best room I’ve ever had.

The bad

Aside from creating my theorist Instagram and taking some pictures, I did not spend any time marketing this month. I need to pick this up next month.

My sleep is still a struggle. I’m starting to question whether it’s worth stressing over. Elon Musk, a significant role model, does not seem to care too much about sleeping a lot and I’m starting to consider that path as well. I will give it another month to aim for better sleep but also try to stress less about it being perfect.

Looking ahead

This is a huge month for String Theory. We will be re-launching our MVP and picking up steam with our marketing. I’m prepared to invest heavily into gaining exposure and we should see a lot of increased interest this month.