Jan 30, 2021

January 2021 retro

The good

I created designs for a better String Theory. I am excited about what’s happening next for the business. I also lost a few pounds, although admittedly, I quickly gained some weight back this week.

The bad

I completely neglected my daily meditative walks. I felt scattered this month and my sleep was not consistent. I’d like to try to be more regimented next month.

Looking ahead

In February, I will finish implementing the design updates for a new and improved String Theory. This will involve adding support for more types of products like new heads and pre-strung heads. 

Most importantly, I need to transition from building to marketing. This Is Marketing gave me a lot of good ideas to apply to String Theory and now, I just need to execute them. I will start with creating my personal stringer account on Instagram and teasing the changes to String Theory on our main Instagram.