Feb 21, 2022

Keep it simple

I’ve been working on String Theory for over 2 years. Here are some of the many of the ways in which I’ve gotten in my own way throughout the process:

Price is an afterthought

Before you build and sell a new product, find out if anyone will pay a price that you can make a profit on. I know the feeling of getting so excited about creating a new thing that you may want to overlook this part. But it can save you from pouring a lot of effort into something that can’t work.

Trying too hard to be different

You don’t have to create a major breakthrough to build a successful business. You can start with something similar to what already exists and just have slightly better marketing or cater to under-served customer segments.

Reinventing the wheel

I have tried to build so much infrastructure from scratch. Because I’m an engineer, I can build these things therefore I thought I should. And I wasted a lot of time doing it. There are many great software services out there that are worth paying for. Be lazy as much as possible and use what’s available. Even if it’s a bit cookie cutter. It’s better to get started that way.

Single failure point

Just because you can do everything at first, doesn’t mean you should. Figure out as soon as possible how to automate or delegate a business process. And if that’s too difficult or expensive, consider whether it’s worth keeping and eliminate it if it isn’t.

Devil in the details

When you already have a solid business that’s growing, I think it’s great to get down to the details and refine your offerings to stand out even more from the crowd. But don’t start with the details; start with the simplest thing. For me, focusing on the details was a form of perfectionism and procrastination to avoid doing the difficult task of talking to people and selling my products.

All of this boils down to one thought at this moment: keep it simple stupid.

- St. Ives, UK