Dec 22, 2020

Lean into vulnerability

One of the biggest personal obstacles I have is overcoming the desire to shy away from vulnerability. I often interact with people, especially those I have just met, in a very guarded way. That way, I can avoid saying something stupid. And while I might be able to avoid making a bad joke or a foolish remark, the impression that I leave is that I am a boring person.

I am trying to overcome that shyness. This blog is a start. It is basically a diary of my thoughts and it’s public for anyone to read. It honestly worries me what people will think of me when I publish it. I could choose to go back in the future and remove posts that don’t age well or expose ideas that I have that may be considered off-putting. However, I think it’s better that it’s messy.

The willingness to express your insecurities might seem like a weakness but it’s actually a strength. The internet is making everyone increasingly transparent. Sure, there are people on social media posting the best possible version of their lives and using filters to make themselves better-looking. But who are they fooling?

We all have insecurities and being open about yours lets people in to connect with you. An essential component of a life well-lived is connecting with others. Instead of trying to hide your vulnerabilities, be open about them and you might be surprised who you invite into your life.

- Baltimore, MD