Mar 20, 2021

Less me, more you

Recently, I’ve been focusing more on marketing String Theory. We think an important channel for us to market in is Instagram (note: we should test other platforms to verify). 

I have never used Instagram often before but I noticed something that we’re doing poorly: we focus way too much on ourselves and trying to sell our service. This issue is not unique to us; I notice others doing this as well.

The trap that many people seem to fall into on Instagram, and other forms of social media, is making their content about them. We think other people want to follow us because we seem interesting but people are much more interested in themselves. A better approach to gaining followers and engagement is making other people feel special.

How might we do this? Post content that makes other people seem interesting and feel noticed. Avoid the urge to shoehorn something about yourself into the mix. 

Everyone wants to feel like they matter. It will be appreciated and more engaging than whatever cool or funny thing you want to say.