Jun 02, 2021

May 2021 retro

The good

Some good things happened for String Theory last month. We had a surge of orders. They were generated from word getting around for girls playing on the same lacrosse team. This gave me confidence that our service is good enough to be remarkable but we just need to get more people to try it. We also had potential interest from one stringer to work with us. It hasn’t worked out yet with them but it’s a step in the right direction to getting more people to join the platform. We found somebody to help us with social media marketing on Instagram. This will relieve me of some concerns with posting and being active there. On a totally unrelated note, Em and I found an online dance class website which is a fun weekly activity for us to do together.

The bad

I haven’t been consistently reading, writing or walking everyday and need to build those habits back up. I’m falling behind on reading one book per month so I want to catch up. Some of my expectations for String Theory last month were duds. Discounts on pricing don’t seem to be incentivizing anyone to try out the service. Instead, I believe it might be making our service seem less valuable. There also does not seem to be any interest for us to be doing team apparel at the moment.

Looking ahead

This upcoming month I’m going to focus on consistently doing the habits I’ve been slacking on. I am looking forward to a nice long week off at the end of this month. With regards to String Theory, I don’t have a clear path forward but some things to think about. While discounts didn’t seem to work, offering free stringing did. It removed any risk from potential customers and one person even chose to pay after we strung for them. In terms of onboarding other people, what would light a fire under stringers’ asses to get them to string and sell for String Theory? What kinds of incentives or disincentives can we create?