Feb 22, 2021


Three principles for being a better Monopoly player that also apply to your life:

#1: don’t think linearly

People seem to fall into this trap most when negotiating. They get hung up on haggling over a few hundred bucks because they are worried about getting a bad deal. Take the bad deal if you  can get closer to having a monopoly sooner rather than later. This ties into the second principle.

#2: assets > money

A linear investment into your assets results in exponential growth of your income. It is almost always a bad idea to trade assets for money. There is one exception that is related to the last principle.

#3: focus in one area at a time

Rather than building up your properties evenly, you should focus on one location at a time. Sometimes, it may even be a good idea to trade away properties for money so that you can invest more in the ones that you are focusing on.