Nov 21, 2020

Not all calories are created equal

5 pounds of broccoli is 750 calories.

A pound of chicken breast is 750 calories.

3 slices of pizza is 750 calories.

A bottle of wine is 750 calories.

What’s the point?

It’s not that you need to only be eating broccoli and chicken breast to lose weight and be in good shape. It’s that, on a per calorie basis, these foods will fill you up way more than the other stuff. And if you incorporate some of these into your diet, you will be way more likely to keep your calories low and avoid binge eating.

What makes these foods so filling? Protein and fiber are your friends. If a diet is going to work, you have to eat the foods you love. Miserable people don’t stick to diets. But if the foods you love aren’t filling then I suggest you reduce your intake and supplement your diet with foods that are high in fiber and protein.

Foods that are high in fiber: fruits, vegetables, popcorn (warning: don’t get the kind drenched in butter)

Foods that are high in protein: various meats, eggs, greek yogurt. The last one I don’t actually like in its own. I use it to make healthy pancakes which I will discuss in a future post.