Jan 01, 2021


How to build an annual plan

Step 4: Organize

Organize your answers into buckets.

Up until this point, your answers should just be a brain dump of unfiltered ideas. The key is to separate the organization from the brain dump.

Now, it’s time to organize.

Go through all of your responses from the previous three steps and find the themes.

Naturally, I sorted mine into three pillars of health, wealth, and wisdom since that’s how I plan my quarters:

  • Health: Improve sleep, focus on functional movement (sports, yoga, martial arts, etc.), maintain progress in body composition from last year
  • Wealth: String Theory is my launchpad business, focus on growth and revenue, don’t worry about profit yet
  • Wisdom: Happier (and healthier) without alcohol, find less stressful living situation, keep reading books