Dec 05, 2020


Resonance is a phenomenon where an increased amplitude occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is equal or close to the natural frequency of the system on which it acts. Every physical system or object has an inherent frequency that is optimal for exciting it.

You can experience this phenomenon when you are on a swing set—you can only move when you are pumping your legs at a frequency close to the natural frequency of the swing. If you pump slower or faster, nothing happens.

People have resonant frequencies. There is a lot of wasted potential because most people aren’t being excited at their resonant frequency. I think the key to operating at your resonant frequency is finding the intersection between what you find fun, what you can create, and what you can sell.

“What you find fun” because you’re going to be spending your entire life doing it and you need to enjoy it. “What you can create” because you need to be able to make something worth sharing. “What you can sell” because you need to make a living.

It has to be the intersection between all three. It’s fun to go out partying but you can’t make a living doing it. You can create pieces of art that no one wants to buy. You can also make or sell stuff without having fun and dread your existence.

Discovering this intersection for yourself will excite you at your resonant frequency and make it possible for you to live the life that you were destined for.