Feb 23, 2021

String Theory commercial idea

Starts with a shot of a customer placing their order and leaving their stick outside.

Title slide: “What happens after I place my order?”

Cue 80s music.

Insert clip of superhero logo intro lighting the sky with a superhero symbol. Replace stock superhero logo with String Theory logo. Overlay “String Theory HQ” above building where the light source is coming from.

Pan to theorist shooting lacrosse balls. Use a high camera angle on their last shot before they pull their sunglasses off and stare at the sky to see their beckoning call.

Theorist: “I’m on it.”

Theorist runs to their car. Use quick cut shots here of them turning their car on, putting on driving gloves, and speeding off.

Insert this clip of a sports car doing donuts. Paste the theorist’s face over the driver’s in the stock video clip.

Theorist gets the stick and cut back to them restringing the stick. Use quick cut shots here on clipping the strings out and cutting fresh new strings. Then show a sped up time lapse of them stringing the stick that slowly pans closer to them.

Show a shot of the final product when the theorist is finished.

Edit another sequence of the theorist driving the stick back to the customer. This time, use this clip of a monster truck.

Final shot shows the String Theory logo fade in then “Stringing made easy.” flings in right to left word by word.