Mar 15, 2021

The appeal of astrology

Yesterday, I learned about Vedic astrology and that my moon is in the Punarvasu nakshatra signifying the star of renewal and abundance. In other words, I wasted a few hours of my day yesterday learning about astrology.

While it is a funny coincidence that my moon nakshatra signifies abundance and I’ve written so many times about the abundance of the future, I don’t believe there’s any true significance to it. It did get me thinking, however, about the appeal of astrology. 

What I think makes astrology so appealing is the ability to relinquish the control of your own destiny. The fact that we have some control over our own fates in life can be a scary responsibility.

I’m a huge believer in the importance of self-belief so if astrology gives you some sort of positive belief about yourself, then I think there’s some usefulness to it. But if you read something negative into it, throw it away. You can overcome any limitations with self-belief.