Feb 11, 2021

The change you seek to make

What change are you seeking to make with the business you are creating?

I strongly dislike inefficiency. Lacrosse stringing is a space that I worked in for about five years so I understand the inefficiencies well in that niche business. I can help make it more efficient and increase the value that both stringers and players receive.

There are some stringers that have figured out how to successfully offer their services without working for a brick and mortar store, but many have not. The stringers who have figured it out are also still competing for a small portion of the total lacrosse stick market relative to retail competitors. 

I hope to get more stringers and players to embrace this model. If I succeed, stringers can be paid better and players can get better service by working with someone directly. Using technology, I can apply the e-commerce methods of a company like Amazon to a very niche space that is too specific for Amazon to compete with.