Jan 06, 2021

Thoughts on building an annual plan

The past week I spent each day going through the steps outlined in this video to create an annual plan for 2021.

Here’s what I like about it:

My vision of where I will be in a year is crystal clear. I have a list of binary key results that need to be met in order to satisfy my vision and I have a few general areas of focus to help guide me along the way and move the needle towards the results I am seeking.

I am pumped! There’s so much to get done this year.

What I would like to improve next year:

This exercise was worthwhile but I would do it slightly differently if I were to do it again. I should’ve done a separate annual plan from my personal one focused solely on my big project this year: String Theory. It often felt like I was context-switching between what I wanted to accomplish for myself and what I wanted to accomplish for String Theory.

If you know in advance that a particular venture will be important for the upcoming year, I think it deserves its own plan separate from your personal self-development goals.