May 10, 2021

Three styles of negotiators

There are three styles of negotiators: analysts, accommodators, and assertive. People tend to gravitate towards one style over the others but it’s fluid and can be adjusted. Here’s a breakdown of each:


Methodical and diligent. They don’t like to be rushed to make a decision. They work towards the best result in a systematic way. Their self-image is linked to minimizing mistakes.


Sociable and friendly. The most important thing to this style of negotiator is time spent nurturing the relationship with their counterpart. They love the win-win scenario.


Direct and candid. They believe time is money and their self-image is linked to how much they can get done in a period of time. They love winning above all else, often at the expense of others.

The assertive style of negotiator is the classic stereotype seen in movies but in reality, it is rarer for assertive types to be successful. Most successful negotiation requires a certain level of cooperation that strictly assertive individuals tend to lack the inclination for. All of these styles can be effective and to be truly great, you need elements of all three.

Over the next few days, I will dive into each style more thoroughly and discuss the best way to negotiate with each type.