Nov 27, 2020

Using music as a cue

In order to be a highly effective individual, there are certain activities that you have to show up for everyday. And I honestly don’t feel like showing up most days. But something that I’ve found useful to get to work is using music as a cue.

Listening to music while working is not a groundbreaking idea but hear me out—I have a suggestion to make it much more effective for you. I suggest picking one upbeat song and listening to it on repeat the entire time you are working.

A playlist can be a bit distracting while you work because you’re constantly subjecting yourself to unexpected stimuli every few minutes. Another solution is to listen to music without lyrics. That can work but that kind of music is a bit unsatisfying because I personally would never choose to listen to it under any other circumstances.

So instead I pick a song I love and listen to it on repeat. The effect is trance-inducing and assists in entering a state of flow. If you’ve never tried it, you should give it a shot and you may find that it makes your work much more enjoyable.