Feb 14, 2021

Weekly update

I moved into Seaford and really like my new place. My room has a good amount of space. I’ve never been one to focus and care about how my room is set up but I’d like to be more deliberate about this space. It is clear that my environment has a powerful impact on my mood and productivity so it is worth a little extra attention.

I’m charging full steam ahead with the new changes to String Theory and I’m getting antsy to announce and start marketing. I finished implementing the dynamic shop pages and now I am working on theorist profiles. Once they are finished, we will reach out to some stringers with a link to our staging site to gauge interest in being part of our re-launch.

My doctor’s appointment was stressful. The new doctor I saw is similarly concerned about my health like the last one was because my blood pressure was high. I’m anxiously waiting to see the results of a blood test.