Feb 04, 2021

Who's it for?

It can’t be for everyone. If it’s made for everyone, it won’t be good enough for anyone.

What’s the minimum viable audience? The more specific I can be about who it’s for, the easier it will be for me to have a clear idea of who I’m marketing to.

Since String Theory is a marketplace, it has two buckets of “shareholders” in the business that we are trying to simultaneously serve: stringers and players. Let’s talk about who each one is separately.


These are individuals who currently offer their services a la carte on Instagram or some other online medium. They are not tech savvy and if they have a site, it is most likely a boilerplate one setup with a website builder. They may be struggling to grow their stringing business or make a living with it. Possibly, they work for a retail store at the moment but they are interested in getting paid more for their work. They can drive and are willing to offer pickup and delivery to local players.


String Theory makes it easy to get a new lacrosse stick or your current stick restrung by a professional you can trust. The players we serve are willing to pay a little extra for this convenience and peace of mind. They prefer connecting with a stringer directly rather than working with a retail store chain. Maybe that stringer plays lacrosse with them or their kids and they have a personal connection with them.