Feb 16, 2021

Why will they tell their friends?

When creating a product or service, you want to create something that gets better when more people use it or when people tell their friends. I have a few ideas for incentivizing the spread of String Theory.

A tactic that is used by many internet companies such as Uber or Airbnb is offering referral links so that the person who shares and the person they share it with both get something. We can offer a similar referral system.

Another idea I have is to make a customer’s experience easily shareable to Instagram after they write a review. If a customer writes a good review, they will see a button to share a post that we will automatically create for them (to make it easy) and offer a $10 gift card in return for them spreading the word.

Last but not least, we will reach out to coaches and offer team order discounts. We will set a minimum limit (maybe 10 sticks) and once the team reaches that limit a stringer will show up to one of their practices and string the sticks of everyone who signed up for just the cost of materials (roughly a 40% discount).

We can create UI around this last tactic so that people placing orders can see the progress of the team order and how close they are to reaching discounted stringing. This incentivizes people to spread the word to their teammates so they can reach the minimum order limits and get the discount.