Mar 26, 2021

Winter 2021 retro

Winter 2021 retro

The good

I’m maintaining a healthy weight and exercising a lot. I picked up boxing and have been doing that twice a week in addition to my usual exercise routine. I also got my dentist appointment and annual health check-up out of the way.

I started focusing more on marketing for String Theory. It is challenging but at least I am addressing and improving something that I’m not good at.

I read three great books this quarter and I am enjoying the newfound reader in me. I am still writing everyday despite feeling a lot of resistance to it.

The bad

My sleep is still not the best. I have accepted that getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night is acceptable for me considering how much I want to work. I’d rather not stress over the lack of sleep anymore.

I did not build all of the features I wanted for String Theory. This is fine considering the focus I am placing on selling now. I think our product is good enough to be promoted and it will be improved over time.

I didn’t meditate much at all this quarter. My head feels a bit scattered.

Looking ahead

My goal next quarter is to expand the String Theory platform to at least 10 theorists besides myself. I would also like to hire someone to do our social media since it needs to be done and is distracting for me to do it (Instagram is an unproductive place to be).

I am going to continue reading and writing. I will also make my hour-long walks a priority to clear my head.

I feel that my health is in good shape so I would just like to maintain my current routine and continue boxing.