Jan 04, 2022

Winter quarterly planning 2022

Fall 2021 Retro

Another not-so-great quarter. What’s going on here? I think I’m being pulled in too many directions with too many things. I need to brainstorm how to fix that.

My health goals were accomplished this quarter. I successfully cut weight and have been taking a daily greens supplement with fish oil. Those were the only two things I was interested in and got both done.

My wealth goals were very poorly met this quarter again. I didn’t get to build many of the features that I wanted for String Theory. I also wanted to tighten up my spending to prepare for quitting my job but I didn’t do that either. I did however successfully negotiate for some discounts on heads for materials which is a big win for us. It is hard for me to be doing so many things at once. I need to look into getting some help.

My wisdom goals for this quarter were met on the writing and walking front but I did not read all of the books I wanted to read. I guess I got slowed down by everything else and Influence was also a pretty long book. I’ll try to incorporate some shorter reads next quarter.

Winter 2022 Plan

For my health goals this quarter, I want to maintain my weight around 165 lbs, box once per week, and increase my running distance for the runs I do twice per week. I usually do 3 or 5 miles and I want to increase it to 5 or 7 miles.

For wealth, I am focusing solely on String Theory site development. There are some other marketing objectives that I need to do but they are not the primary focus. I want to focus on building the features for custom orders, the theorist dashboard, and a product or service review system.

My wisdom goals are similar to last quarter: I’m going to continue a weekly writing cadence and commit to doing a meditative walk at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. Here’s my reading list: Mastery, Monetizing Innovation, and The 48 Laws of Power. In addition to these goals, I am also taking a Casey Neistat filmmaking course.