Jan 02, 2021

Write a vision statement

How to build an annual plan

Step 5: Write a vision statement

Use your organized answers and brainstorming to write a vision statement for an inspiring year.

Thought happens through writing.

When you write out your thoughts in a linear, logical fashion, it forces your intentions to be clear. Clarify your thoughts in writing.

A good vision statement…

  • …gets you PUMPED.
  • …is right when you think, “well if THAT happens, I won’t need anything else!”
  • …should be specific and ambitious, but achievable. It should make you feel a little bit nervous.
  • …should help you see the future. It should be as clear as a photo on your smartphone. If you can’t see the future, it’s not clear enough.

Here’s mine for 2021:

In 2021, I will be living an active, healthy lifestyle without alcohol. I will write everyday and read a book every month. String Theory will fulfill its promise of being the most convenient and personalized way to get your lacrosse stick strung by a high-quality professional. Our platform will have 50 individual stringers and over 100 subscribers to our String Theory Premier service. We’ll take in at least $50K in revenue while investing all profits back into growing the business. It will be insane and our most successful year yet!