Nov 28, 2020

1 in 10

My friend has a simple rule for hitting on women at a bar: 1 in 10 will say yes.

It always gets a laugh from his friends when he says it as he shakes off another rejection but the magic is he’s right. It works because of the principles underlying the rule:

  1. Trust the process and ignore the results.
  2. Expect failure to be an unavoidable part of the process.
  3. Quantity yields better results than quality.

And not only does this rule work for picking up girls at bar but it can apply to most things:

1 in 10 of these blog posts will be good.

1 in 10 of your business ideas will be profitable.

1 in 10 customers will want to buy your product.

There is merit to getting better at your craft and increasing the quality of your work. But if you want to be more effective at achieving the results you want, you need to take more shots.