Jan 04, 2022

Annual retro 2021

2021 expectations

  • Write every day
  • Read a book every month
  • Have one weekly physical activity that isn’t weightlifting or cardio (yoga, martial arts, paddle board, sports, etc.)
  • Average 7 hours of sleep per night
  • No hangovers
  • String Theory: 50 stringers, 100 Premier subscribers, $50K in revenue

2021 reality

  • Started the year writing everyday. Eventually got burnt out by it and switched to writing every week.
  • I read 10 books this year, so close to one book per month.
  • I box every week.
  • I didn’t track my sleep.
  • I may have had a couple hangovers this year but my drinking is much better than it used to be and my drinking is no longer excessive to the point that it holds me back.
  • String Theory: 30 stringers, no subscription service, between $5-10K in revenue.

I had high expectations for this year and fell short on a lot of the goals but looking at it positively, it’s still a big improvement from the previous year and I’d rather be ambitious and fall short than set the bar low.

My health is still great. I’m very active, box every week for extra cardio, and kept all of the weight off that I lost in 2020. I’m not tracking my sleep and I probably don’t average 7 hours every night but I care less about it now and will just sleep as much as my body feels necessary.

In retrospect, a year of daily writing on top of building my business was not smart. Writing is an important skill to work on so I still want to do it but weekly is much more manageable. I was a couple books shy of my reading goal but I didn’t miss by much there.

I’m looking forward to growing much more in 2022.