May 17, 2021

Assertive style of negotiation

Assertive types of negotiators are direct and candid. They believe time is money so they have little patience for relationship building if it doesn’t seem like you’re getting anything done. Above all else, they love winning, often at the expense of others.

Their view of business relationships is based on respect. They want to be heard and don’t have the ability to listen until they know that you’ve heard them. They focus on their own goals rather than people and they tell rather than ask.

When dealing with an assertive style negotiator, focus on what they have to say, because once they are convinced you understand them, they will listen to your point of view. Every silence is an opportunity for them to speak more. Mirrors are a wonderful tool to use on this type of negotiator to keep them talking.

When it comes to reciprocity, this type is of the “give an inch/take a mile” mentality. They will figure that they deserve whatever you have given them so they will be oblivious to owing something in return. They will actually simply look for an opportunity to receive more. If they give a concession, they are surely waiting for something in return. For this reason, do not offer anything with the expectation of a return concession from this type.

If you are an assertive type, be conscious of your tone. You will not intend to be overly harsh but you will often come off that way. Intentionally soften your tone and work to make it more pleasant. Use calibrated questions and labels with your counterpart since that will also make you more approachable and increase the chances of collaboration.