Dec 13, 2020


One of my biggest fears in life is regret. A missed opportunity, a risk untaken, spectating instead of participating in one’s own life. It’s easy to miss these things if you’re not paying attention.

I am 26 and I’m conflicted about time spent during my 20s. I will never have more energy and less commitments than I do now. And there are two equally enticing places to invest all of this time and energy: work and play.

Your 20s are a time for self-development, starting businesses, and acquiring skills that will earn you the success you desire. All of these things compound so if you miss it now, it is only going to get increasingly difficult to make your dreams a reality as you get older.

Your 20s are also a time for exploration, adventure, having fun, and making relationships and memories that will last you a lifetime. You may be tempted to put your head down and work towards a future where you have the money to do whatever you want. But who will want to spend time with you when you make it there?

Of course, you don’t have to commit to one path or the other and sometimes work and play can be one and the same. If you do pick one, you will probably regret it either way. Either you will be too old to have the fun you wish you had or too old to have the success you wish you had. Like most things in life, the answer is balance.