May 31, 2022

Cheating yourself

On the surface, honesty seems like a selfless character trait but I would argue there are more selfish reasons to be honest. If you think a few lies can’t hurt, I would urge you to reconsider. Most lies, even small ones, are not worth telling.

Relationships are built on trust and respect. A lie in a relationship can be toxic to its foundation. The destruction they cause can be irreversible. The people you lie to might not find out you lied right away or ever, but there is a lot of extra effort involved in keeping your story straight over time. At the very least, you will always know the truth and have to live with it.

I make all of these claims based on personal experiences where I lied. It made me realize that the person who was hurt most by it was me. I’m not perfect but I value honesty much more than before.

Be honest. It’s good for your heart and soul.

- Seaford, NY