Jan 04, 2021

Choose areas of focus

How to build an annual plan

Step 7: Choose areas of focus

Write two to three areas of focus you’ll need in order to hit your key results and achieve your vision. Think of an area of focus as a “swim lane” or a “sandbox” or a “playground”.

A good area of focus…

  • …directs your day-to-day activities, pushing you closer to your vision and goals.
  • …should be broad enough to work on for a year or more.

Imagine feeling stuck 3 months from now. Your areas of focus should help unblock you and inspire you to action.

The future is not inevitable. The future is CREATED by humans.

Here’s my areas of focus for 2021:

  • Read, write, and exercise daily.
  • Grow the String Theory Instagram through monthly giveaways. It attracts new stringers to our platform and gives our brand the necessary leverage to promote them.
  • Promote and onboard great lacrosse stringers. The more great stringers we have on our team, the more revenue we will generate. We want at least 50 this year which puts us at a pace of one per week.
  • String Theory is not the cheapest service and possibly not the fastest. Optimize design and development for convenience (make it so easy to order) and transparency (profiles, reviews, order status, etc.)