Feb 12, 2021

How will it change their status?

With sleek branding and website design, fast checkouts, and excellent customer service, we will organically build our reputation as a premium, convenient, future-focused lacrosse brand. 

The virtuous cycle we need to kickstart is the balance between stringers and players. As we serve more players, more stringers will be interested in being on our platform and as more stringers are on the String Theory platform, the more players we will be able to reach.

We will start this cycle by recruiting great stringers. We are carefully on-boarding them to make sure they are individuals who we believe have the skill and determination to provide great service. In order to convince them to join in the beginning, I’m willing to promote and provide the tools they need to succeed at no cost to them.

One other thing: stringers on String Theory are called theorists. I think it is a fun way to elevate their status to people trying our service.