Jan 11, 2021

I need a writing pipeline

Lately, writing this blog has been a drag and I feel like I’m falling behind or publishing crap just to get it done. In order to address this issue, I think I need a pipeline of pieces ready to go.

My process up to this point has been to write in under 30 minutes and publish on the same day. A better process might be to still write in under 30 minutes each day but to have a couple pieces already done in a pipeline.

So today, I would really be publishing a piece I wrote a couple days ago and writing the piece for Wednesday.

There are three benefits to this:

  1. I can publish every morning at a consistent time since the piece will have been written in advance.
  2. I have the opportunity to edit with a fresh pair of eyes a day or two after writing.
  3. There will be less pressure since it doesn’t have to be published right away. This lack of pressure will open up my mind to think of better ideas to write about.

I will get to work on this tonight and hope it will improve my writing quality moving forward.