Nov 17, 2020

If I'm being honest

I’m committing to this practice because I think it will be fun to have a record of my mental state when I become as successful as I imagine I might be some day. It’s amazing to think that most people probably feel this way—that they’re destined for great things. At least, I suspect that to be the case with most people.

In reality, most of us aren’t going to have the impact we imagined we would. So as we get older we compromise. And even if we did have that impact, who cares? We should get out of our own way and forget the end result. There’s too much anxiety to be had stressing over it and the end result for everyone is death. Nothing too exciting about that. Clearly, life must then be about the journey.

It’s difficult to fight the urge of postponing happiness for some future potential prize but you should. Because even if you get the prize, your life will not be complete. So enjoy right now. Everything about this moment is perfect. And if you can work on something that you enjoy working on, even better.