Jan 15, 2022

Look foolish

Whenever you’re learning something new, you’re going to make mistakes and you will look silly. 

Your first painting will be shit. Your first movie will be embarrassingly bad. You’re going to look awkward in your first martial arts class. Your first piece of writing will be unintelligible. The first time you do standup comedy, nobody is going to laugh.

Not just the first ones either. It will take a lot of repetition to get competent and if you’re doing it right, you’ll choose to do it in front of other people and show your work to others even though it sucks. You can’t learn in a vacuum—you need feedback.

People stop learning because it’s more comfortable to keep doing the things that they’re already good at but do you really want to stop growing as a person so early in your life?

Embrace the discomfort and look foolish. You’ll learn and grow so much more than you thought possible.