Dec 02, 2020

No regrets

As I walk through the campus of the university I went to 4 years after graduating, I feel like a ghost. The memories of the people I had interacted with flood back but those people are all gone. Most of them I will never speak with again. At a moment like this, it’s hard not to feel like life is racing away from me.

Nostalgia feels horrible but are there lessons that can be learned from it? As I think back on my college experience, I can’t help but feel some regret.

I regret not being more engaged. I should have been more intentional with forming relationships. I had sort of a laidback attitude about it at the time but I think I was afraid to put myself out there.

I also regret not taking more risks. I had a high GPA. I think a high GPA is a good measure of how unintelligent I was. It indicates how much time I wasted striving for a high score that doesn’t mean anything. I should have spent more time engaging with things other than my classes.

That time has came and went for me. I can’t change anything after the fact. But going forward, these feelings of regret are worth remembering so the same mistakes are not repeated.

So put yourself out there. Take risks. Be vulnerable. Be intentional. And you’ll have no regrets.

- Charlottesville, VA