Sep 05, 2022

The simplified daily routine

I’d like to revisit my blueprint for a perfect day. A lot of it sounds nice but in critique of it, it has a lot going on and doesn’t allow much flexibility if your day does not go according to plan.

If I were to scrutinizingly strip away everything nice-to-have from it, the only two true must-haves I would keep are work and exercise. Reading, writing, and reflection can be a distraction from your most important work.

My simplified routine at this moment in time would be to start your day with a workout, then dive right into your work and spend as much as time as you can on it. Clear your mind of everything else. Do what you can to reduce interruptions and avoid multitasking.

Next quarter, I am going to eliminate a lot of activities I usually include such as reading and writing to see what difference it makes in my actual productivity on what matters most: String Theory. At the end of the year, I’ll report back the result.

- St. Ives, UK