Feb 08, 2021

The String Theory worldview

Our stringers and players are all individuals in high school or college who care about recognition and convenience.

The stringers want to be recognized in the online world as craftsmen worth going out of your way to hire. In an ideal world, they could just be compensated well for stringing and not have to worry about the nitty gritty of running their own ecommerce store. If they just cared about stringing, they would work for a retail store so clearly the recognition among teammates and players in the broader lacrosse community is a key component.

The players want a consistent and reliable stick to elevate their play. Maybe they want a cool-looking stick that will raise their status with their teammates. Coaches and parents might be looking for a way to give the players an edge over the competition. They also want it to be easy. If they can avoid a trip to the store and get back their time, it’s a huge win worth paying extra for.