Dec 31, 2020

Visualize the future

How to build an annual plan

Step 3: Visualize the future

Dream up the perfect year based on your questions and retro.

Imagine it is a year from now and you are absolutely stoked with the progress you’ve made in one year. What happened? What didn’t happen? What did you create? Did you collaborate with anyone? What makes you feel proud of your work? What’s your team like? How much money did you get?

Here’s my response:

I moved to Austin, TX. I am renting an apartment for the time being but planning to buy a duplex. I maintained my weight around 165 pounds and I am the fittest I’ve been since high school. For fun, I paddle board and joined a UFC gym for conditioning. I still don’t drink like I used to and I haven’t had a hangover in over a year. Creatively, String Theory has been my focus this past year. We have grown so much. From less than $1K in orders the year before, we made $50K in revenue this year. We have a platform with 50 individual stringers running their lacrosse stringing business through us. We have a few hundred customers subscribed to our String Theory Premier service. I still have the same job that I’m doing remotely because it is providing me a solid baseline of income while leaving me enough free time to pursue and improve String Theory. I am proud of how much we are paying our stringers and the quality of the work they are doing for our customers. Abdul and I have a Slack group with all of them and get great feedback on how we can continue to improve the service.

- Brooklyn, NY