Feb 10, 2021

What story will you tell?

I was a lacrosse stringer and an All-American player in high school. As a stringer, I worked for a retail store stringing lacrosse sticks. I also strung sticks as a side gig for teammates. 

The benefit of working with the store was consistent work and pay. Additionally, I enjoyed hanging out with the people I worked with. The benefit of working as a side gig was making much more money per stick as well as being known as the team stringer.

Is there a way to marry consistent work and a community of people to work alongside with the glory and recognition of having your own brand? We think String Theory can be that answer for stringers.

As a player, I never had to worry about getting a bad string job because I strung my own sticks but I played with people who had that experience. If you can’t string your own stick, the next best thing is to have a connection with someone who can to work with you to consistently string a pocket that matches your preferences. String Theory can provide that connection for players more efficiently.